Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hail Satan.

Have you hear of 'The Illuminati'? if so what are your thoughts of them? and if you've got the time YouTube 'Yes we can backwards featuring Obama' but make sure the film clips played in reverse and watch some of the stuff on it backwards SO EFFIN FREAKY.
Yeah that video is freaky, especially when the sound is blaring.
But I have a different theory towards Illuminati...
It seems a bit too far fetched the whole Hail Satan ceremonies and stuff... Personally I believe in a thing called
"The Elite" - They are basically 13 Annunaki amoung us that control the world, to mislead us etc...
One of my favourite websites, Destini... have a forum about such..
and one day A user under the name of Royal blood logged in for and hour and stated he was a member of the elite and this everyones chance to ask him questions...
the amazing thing was he wrote back to each question almost instantly with insane length and accuracy...
He said Obama was an Elite, but bush was a mere puppet... he also said Einstein was an Elite! I was saddened haha
but we also had a spirit talk to us (Sam Wright and I) in huge detail about this topic and he too said obama was an Elite so :s
Also the whole "owl" worshipping stems from Sommerian text/Annunaki and also "Alien Greys" as it represents not only "seeing in dark" but "watching" and theory goes that alien greys are enslaved by Annunaki also to watch us and if you watch "the fourth kind" trailer you'll see the similarities.
I could go on forever and suggest vids to watch but you probs don't wanna hear it haha... go to my thinkers forum but... its got ALOT of stuff there (links on right column of my blog)
Also "attainable minds" website covers everything and anything about anything remotely conspirical or hidden truths, sometimes far fetched imo ;)


whitty said...

Obama is the devil. it was scary wasn't it !!

Anonymous said...

The Illumanti is a very interesting topic. Still not too sure as to whether I believe it, as you say, 'far fetched'. Some of Dan Brown's research on this topic is great however.