Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blunt Justification.

im really curious because i thought you were the religious type (meaning christianity) is that right or did i hear wrong? What is your belief when it comes to religion?
HAhahahahaha! No no no, Im sort of infamous for hating on religions :s but no! Helllll no! 
I'm all science and spirituality and proven history, a mix of quantum physics, string theory and the dimentions, and extra-dimensional beings, aswell as ancient artifacts and the amount of proof they give us as to our creation being genitcally modified by an alien race known as Annunaki, who the people of Sommeria mistook as Gods, there's also many links to where the bibles old testament stories about the fallen angels and Eden etc probably originated from... 
The sommerians were the first human society ever, they made language, time, education and government systems and knew ALOT about astronomy, as if they'd been taught. 
Also my own theories and conclusions through things I've experienced through things such as Oujia boards etc. 
There you go... My blunt justification. Think I'm insane?

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