Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My acoustic guitar I bought not that long ago has somehow become warped in the neck, 
12th and 13th fret now love the buzz and it's unfixable...
But I'm sort of excited because now I can purchase myself a fully rad new guitar.
When I buy it soon I'll post some pictures of it's sexiness.
That'll knock me back $1000 or so but.
Also, was at my mum's friend Jack's house the other day as he was fixing something with my car... 
Point being, his yard was filled with old suzuki's and other junk... 
Although not long ago I wanted that honda 2 seater, I changed my mind as I feel I need 4 seats as I'm always driving people, so I was looking at those rad little 4 seater soft top Jeeps, as I want something without as little roof possible...
There was one he said he'd fix/do up and give me for $2000 :)
I'm super keen. Put some fully sick chrome rims on it and shit mate! 
What colour do you reckon I should get it painted but?
Originally I was thinking Glossy Black, but everyone has that, maybe bright sky blue?

He cleaned out all the junk out of it since.
Looks like a complete wreck, yes, but he's confident he can pimp it good.
You know it'll be rad :)


tom said...

deffentily sky blue dude or yellow!

Maddi said...

suits your colourful personality.
ahhhh it'll be awesome.
i can see you in it now.