Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Today was a rather rad day for me :)
Got awoken by Hayden and Sam banging their brains out on my window at 9am.
Attempted a Horsey practise, went down town in search for Sunglasses for Sam, came home and ate some of my Mums amazing Vegan Pizza she's been making lately.
Jack Jones the beautiful lad came over to finish recording vocals on a song him and Hayden made, will finish and post tomorrow if anyone wants to hear it it'll be on - Jaxon's song is also on there!
Then Hayden recorded a double track electric guitar song for "New Chelsea" I'll call it.
Then I went to work, wait! It wasn't for work however!
I, Judd Ditchfield, got in and trained for two whole hours tonight, yup :)
Reminded me I'm an absolute skitz with way too much energy.
Does anyone think I might have ADD or something?
I know all my teachers probably presumed so, and alot of other people.
It's just when I'm happy I go nuts? Makes sense I guess.
Then I went around to Jordyn's, well not hers, but the place she was house sitting.
We got freaky in a house so Antiquey :)
I love that girl.
We've decided we're going to make a video amongst an unexpected audience in Dean St or somewhere of us fully singing and acting Moulin Rouge.
It's happened before. We just didn't have a video camera! So get excited guys :p... It's going to be hilarious.

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