Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Steroids are fully sick Uleh.

So with no school to keep me from feeling lazy, I've recently started swim training again.
Today I went around to Bryan's (head coach) house and we went off to the Gym and he ran me through an arms and chest workout.
Hardest thing I've ever fucking done. My muscles were spasming and twitching like a motherfucker.
Basically did a range of different arms workouts as 3x15, then increase weight, 2x10, and increase weight, 1x5.
This whole thing started the other day when I was talking to one of the Dad's, Troy... who used to be a national weight lifting champion and could bench press 260kg or something ridiculous.
He told me I need to start in-taking alot more food, which I have most definitely been doing and consuming lots of protein after strenuous activity and carbs beforehand etc.
So I just came home and cooked myself a heap of Tempah, it was dang good actually... I cooked it like sausages w/ bbq sauce.
I need to find a vegan protein powder shake however :s they've all got milk solids in them... I guess I could maybe deal with that as I was talking to someone today who owns a dairy farm and he was saying that their cows have it great, but agreed that some don't have it so great... So I don't know, I'll do some research.
Point is... Troy is keen to be my personal trainer, as long as a few of the other guys in the club, for free.
So I'll be hitting the Gym Monday/Wednesday/Friday as well as Swim training most days after work.
Also Bryan told me today how he wants me to stay in Albury for a while if I can because he wants me to take over as head coach and get some experience when he leaves... That'd mean $60k/year and after that he said I could basically get a job anywhere in Australia that pays at least that much because of my experience and qualifications. Not bad.
Oh and just randomly my mum had the scales out yesterday and I weighed 63.5.
Hopefully I can put a few kg's muscle on as I continue to be "turned into a machine" as Bryan said lol.
(The below picture is a joke just fyi)


Hugh281288 said...

That's fucking awesome man. Good luck.

Gracey said...

You can get vegan protein shakes :) Ask Steve from Wang, he used to get them. I think they're at the health food shop

Anonymous said...

dairy cows do have it pretty good. i dont see how there could be any real cruelty towards them.

Gracey said...

I think whoever said that needs to read up about dairy cows... they may not be physically abused and stuff like other animals are in other practices, but the actual process of dairy farming is extremely cruel. I'm not going to rant..just look it up if you're interested.