Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Wtf the similarities growing! this is actually mentally retarded, im also quite the super-atheist also!

Hehe cept I don't percieve myself an athiest as that's to believe there is no chance of God, if you read the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins he explains how there is different levels of athiesm but I hate technicalities... If you're gonna class yourself as something that's not 100% why you agree and believe with then I dont see he point, it's just so people can categorize themselves so it's easy to explain or to put on myspace or something.
The reason why I'm not an athiest, because although I don't at all believe in the deities of pop religions I'm not going to completly rule out the idea of a god... Like I always say... I don't know what God is, but I know what it isn't. I don't think humans should even bother trying to comprehend such a thing as we are incapable so don't dumb the idea down to a man that watches everything you do... that's what Santa does and we all stopped believing that when we were 10 yeas old.
I almost fell for panthiesm but decided there were too many things I didn't totally agree with plus it lacked alot, but the idea that the universe and consciousness is god, because as we only live in a third dimention and there has been 11 proven that is all we can observe it as, energy and electrical impulses and our brain simplifies them into what we believe is our existence. The truth is none of it exists.
Consciousness, energy and time are everything in my opinion.

Screw 1 question... Give me a bulk amount of Questions :)

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lucylu. said...

Love the god delusion. :)