Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So on Saturday was the Ovens and Murray swimming championships.
I had to coach and swim.
To keep it brief I felt pretty sick still from the cold that's plagued me all week.
I won the backstroke with 31 and came second in the breastroke  35 and qualified fourth for the big 100m Freestyle final.
On Sunday I came 3rd in Fly 29 and second in freestyle 26 and fourth in the individual medley.
As for the 100m final I knew I was going to die out after 50m as I haven't trained like everyone else, so I just showboated the first 50m by getting way out in front and then cruising the second 50m.
It was on WIN news lol and there was a pic in the paper aswell.
Oh and I also got age champion somehow!? Not a bad effort for three years and no training.
OH and even more excitingly our club won which is a first for history because it is the first time a small club/which isn't so small now and isn't Albury/North Albury/Wodonga has ever won.

Afterwards we went back to the river and had some celebrated.
I jumped off this ridiculous tree and pulled what I would like to call a "batflip".
I also nearly became a para when I jumped off this other tree,
the water was just past my knees and I didn't check :s
I did a nice sitting to rolling backwards backflip and luckily didn't die.

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