Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dear Diary, Mood: Exhausted!

Just recounting my weekend :)
on Friday I went to beechworth to have sleepovers at Gabriels.
Madison and Ellie also joined us which was lovely.
We watched trainspotting and the IT Crowd.
At one stage I lost my shit and spat coke everywhere.
The next day I travelled back to albury to play my new guitar I bought :)
then picked up Jaxon and Alex and went to Wang for Jai's birthday gathering.
I was a moody piece of shit for most the night and I apologise, I came through later but, I have to remember that playing guitar always puts me in a good mood, oh and thanks to Alex too!
I also apologise for missing Ally's 19th :( I'm incredibly dumb and forgot.
Happy birthday for today but Ally :)
Also can I just say I love how the group of friends I have are from everywhere, like all my friends that revolve around the music scene, from albury, wodonga, wagga, beechworth, wangaratta, yarrawonga... It's super cool how we always get together spite the distance.
I stayed at Madisons house that night and had to wake up super early for work in yarrawonga.
Got there at 10am and no one was there, turned out I was lied to, 11:30 start :|
It was so hot. On the way home I saw these two girls on the side of the road hitch hiking and as always I pulled over for them.
They were feral. I had to put up with them all the way back to albury.
I met Zack Furst at QEII where I dropped off the ferals from beechworth.
Zack was lovin the fact how gross they were haha turned out they had sex with Parkway the other night, got kicked out and egged parkways tour van.
Zack confirmed this with the fact that parkway have a thing in which they have to root a gross girl then kick them straight out haha.
Zack bought me noodles :) and then we went over to wodonga and visited Alex at work and she gave us lots of bakers delight goodness. Then i dropped Zack home and went home to bed.
Slept a few hours then woke up only to have another 6 hour phone conversation with the anonymous formspring sensation... Bonzaiboi.
Today work was so hot and humid so I got in and trained and then afterwards went to the movies with my mummy, Edwina and Jimi to see "nowhere boy". A film about John Lennons childhood that's only out for a few days.
Much love whoever read this :)


Alex said...

i dream of a world were i can work at bakers delight and give everything away free. love alex.

Dreamer said...

good movie, kinda strange tho