Friday, October 9, 2009

Sorry what?

I slept for four hours this evening and now i can't sleep, it's 3:42 and all I can do is Blog.
I've got 4 in mind. Here's the second load of crap i need to get off my chest, or my mind rather.
So I've been living for a while now... and this whole while I've never quite been able to hear.
I wear hearing-aids and without them I'm deaf as a chair. I didn't wear them from year 2 till year 9 because I used to get teased, then my dreadlocks were that long come year 9 that I figured no-one would see them anyway.
Point is, my Aunty didn't know I was deaf until 3 days ago.
She's got MS so next time I see her I'm going to ask so how did you break your neck again? and act shocked when she says it's MS.
This might seem cruel for people reading this. Well fuck off :) You don't know me.
Speaking of MS I've got to find out that website I saw on Madison's fridge,
it was about a cure for MS they are testing with stem cell research, I'm sure she'd appreciate it... Crazy bitch used to be the president of Australian Sky diving.
Stupid Kitty Ruby is pestering me.


hithere said...

how fucking up yourself are you?

juddLOCKS said...

Haha righto? Care to explain to me how I'm being up-myself?

Australian Karate Champion.