Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ahh Google, You've done it again.

Ok so there was this song that i found on a video ages ago that i loved!
This is about three years ago. I got it stuck in my head the other day in the shower.
Typed what I though the lyrics were into google and BOOOM!
Drop to Zero, by TRUSTcompany.
Best fucking song ever.
But, there's another song I've wanted to find since year 6.
It was on a burnt disc of Grace Mallows one time when we took her to Canberra.
On the same Cd was songs like "Carry on, by MotorAce".
I can remember the main riff. Deneh noiw noiw noiw de de doiw de de doiw. haha
Lyrics in the verse, "it gets hard, it's gettin harder"
"I get the feeling i could leave you on the [interstate?],
I get the feeling that you just don't know,
I get the feeling that it doesn't matter anyway,
Something out of something [blue?/new?]
I tried google for about 20 mins but gave up :(
I'm tempted to contact Grace and see if she knows, but I remember when i used to ask she was clueless.
$10 reward and Gobbiez.


steffybee said...

i know the song you're thinking of.
cant think of the name though

i also used to know grace mallows when she was that age

Madi Scott said...

It wouldn't be "Something Borrowed, Something Blue" - Ben Lee, would it?