Monday, October 5, 2009

Bold Statement.

I have come to accept that nothing actually exists.
That our subconcience mind is merely creating
what i know to be reality... present, doesn't exist anymore.
Everything is finished and our brains are still slaved to a pointless value of time.
All i know is I exist in some form.
Im the main character in my game... vaguely aware of my controller.
I've been aided with a false sense of choice and freedom,
And weighed down with emotions, opinions and other distractions.
None of us will ever win, and by the looks of our map...
No-one ever will.
Humans have lost touch of their spirits.
Start thinking ahead, we will rot in this third dimension.
We aren't Gods. We're an experiment.
They don't care for us, just like we don't care for animals.
Escape isn't easy, I believe it's Death.
You're entitled to your beliefs, but i believe fear of death,
Fear of the the unknown, the afterlife...
Is another anchor placed upon our consciousness.
Regardless who holds the controls,
You're all props to pave my destiny.
Ive given up on finding myself a categorisation. A genre.
There's 6,706,993,152 people and 4,200 Religions, and of that 10 major Religions.
Why do we need to classify ourselves into someone else's beliefs? Be creative.
Im making my own. You're not welcome to join.
Thats the point... get it?

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juddLOCKS said...

Suicide is a way of telling 'God'... You can't fire me. I QUIT!

To Maddi, Ely, Mady... Only tough people commit suicide ;)

haha No but THIS is what I meant by my crappy explanations...
On a humanly-self-centered-note, suicide IS selfish. Happy? haha
Just playing with you :)
ILY guys.