Friday, October 9, 2009

God is dead.

Is it just me?
Or has every person that you've ever heard preach Christianity, told you that they "Found God" when they were at their lowest point in life, addicted to drugs and alcohol?

Well, when "AUSLIFE" came to our school each year, every group leader X-tian douche, Male or Female had the same sodding story.
Well have you ever thought that maybe your brain got so fucked up during your downfall that its led you to believe the voices in your head are from God?
Well I do. Until i meet someone who can say they made the switch from normality, and it WASN'T because of a brainwashed upbringing, Drugs and Alcohol abuse or because the band you Idolize is a pack of these born-agains telling you how great Jesus is, then I don't see anyone's reasoning for believing in such bullshit.

On the topic of AUSLIFE, those who don't know what it is, it's a group of volunteers from local churches that are "cool and hip" and come get you out of school for a great day of fun and activities filled with learning. Yep it's all fun and games and then right at the end when you start to think...
You know, Christianity ain't so bad, they strike you with a great deal of preaching and guilt and explanations.
But they can never answer my questions.
I always seem to stump them short-tongued.
If God wanted me to become a Christian, don't you think he'd be able to persuade me?


Em. said...

Judd, I fully agree with what your saying here at the start. You hit a low point in your life and its not some imaginary figure who saves you, you save yourself. You cannot find something/someone who does not exist.

lucylu. said...

Agreed, It's also interesting how these preachers "save" people at some bad point in their lives. Of course people believe them then, they are at ROCK BOTTOM, they have nothing left. Religion might seem like a good idea when some jesus freak offers them food and warmth in exchange for their commitment.