Monday, October 12, 2009

Gootar is foon.

Lol best of a 3 terrible takes, was gonna make it better but got interrupted.
Screensaver kicked in and caused it to stop towards the end but thats ok, you'll hear it properly recorded hopefully asap.
Lyrics in "responses" check it.


juddLOCKS said...

Wake up.
Struggle to find my way to the shower,
If i could have it my way I'd be there for an hour.
Dress up, in my prison-wear,
I'm late once again but I don't really care,
For this place or the people within,
Coz school just really ain't my thing,
I'd rather be running a muck out some place warm,
than trapped in these walls,
Watching everybody conform.

You think i don't have much of a life
in front of me.
Drop back to the pack is what you want me at,
and then you'd be happy coz I'm just like everyone else.

Fuck that!
I never wanna go back to school
and in two weeks time i won't ever have too.
Coz I'm to cool for school,
I don't have the disease
Where everyone falls down on their knees
to this unfair system of education
That completely killed all my motivation.
To put up with Jocks and Skanks,
Over-rated ranks.
To go to a University I'd hate.

You think i don't have much of a life
in front of me.
Just because i haven't made any solid plans,
and I scream for a hardcore band
it's something they don't quite understand,
but I don't mind because its just a part of who I am.
They think I'm crazy because i worry not just about me,
but all the wrongs in the world around me
that only i must see.
If it makes me happy just being me,
then why can't you all just let me be.

Go home.
Where I don't feel so alone.
Catch up with my friends who live just down the road
and do, whatever the hell we please
Half the time it's probably best no-one sees.
I love all of my friends,
even a few at school
that support my trends,
thanks guys you rule.
And to my fair-weathered friends,
that live to be wasted.
Trusting you is hard
When you've got two faces.

Break away from everything I used to hold so close.
Maybe as time has passed, I'll remember the good not the bad.
All the fun times that I had.
Because every time I tried you know I tried my best,
not just to please you but to please the rest,
but no matter how hard I try to be someone nice,
Everyone pairs their friendship with a price.
Is this because I'm just not cool enough?
Or hanging around me you won't look so tough,
I'm just a boy, skinny and tall.
Searching for some sense in this world, that's all.

elynor said...

woooooooooooo! i like your cardy