Saturday, October 31, 2009

Warming Weather.

Finished Bio exam and made a huge fool of myself by doing all 7 questions/topics when I was only meant to do the 1, the 1 we had studied! whoops.
Then went to wangledangle to see Madison do some sweepin' at work... hey sweeeepy!
We talked alot. Next day came back to Albury because I had work.
Afterwards we went home but it was too warm and lovely to be at home so we went for a cool drive.
Tried seeing Ally and Ashlea at Star but they dogged it so went to Hungry Jacks and found Sam Wright/Mitchell, Lucas and Willmz. Madison then drove my car to the car wash, which was funny as hell, because she don't even have her L's.
She then washed my car to the absolute!
And then we vacuumed it and cleaned the insides and spayed it full of Strawberry vapour stuff.
Went home to eat our noodles, and they put chicken in mine!
I was so devastated. Went back out to see Jordan at Coles, and saw Mr. Tomithy MqCueen as well lol.
Then went chilled out like children with Ely Smathwack and Mady Dormz. While we enjoyed the night heat, we blew bubbles, threw balls and Madison pimped out my car!
We then went and got slushies and re-saw Zil, Jordyn, Gaby and Jack.
Jack's lego-mobile also got pimped.
"Go the racing stripes!" (Drunk man down Dean st) Yep, Happy Halloween.
Pics posted on mine and Madisons myspace.


elynor said...

oh those bubbles really set halloween off.
remember we all heard a creepy voice saying trick or treat? :|

lorien said...

Yay Halloween!!! :D

allystuart said...

how did you know we were there anyway.

allystuart said...

sorry haha i didnt get the message till half an hour later. we didnt mean it.