Sunday, November 1, 2009

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Had alot of radical people over at my house and we did a Ouija. It was exciting as always.
Ceri proved she is spirtitus-mundi.
Afterwards I said goodbye to all and dropped the foursome home.
Then came back to get Wadison and on our way to Wang (at 5am) we had to drop Ally and Ashlea home from dts.
I stayed at Madi's but missed my "get up and go to work!" alarm and slept in an hour.
Sped home and got to the swim meet by 10-30, but it didn't matter I was late.
Got home and went out in the sun to play Ukulele. Fell asleep and drooled everywhere.
Then went to my bed and had a good four hour.
Photo taken by Tra or Edwina. lol.

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lorien said...

That picture looks so peaceful :) I miss my trampoline :(