Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm becoming a Wiccan.

If I knew everything I did now, and had the opportunity to rewind to this time last year I would happily take it. Any more than a year would be a drag.
Imagine how much confidence you would have in re-doing the things you previously were unsure of.
It would speed things up a hell of alot too.
I think i would speed run 6 months into about 2 months.
Except for school and stuff which you can't speed up, I would however JUST practice past exams, well hang on, i'd already have in memory my essays i wrote and the questions and stuff.
Oh it would be fun.
Be like watching a favorite movie over again, with bonus scenes.
Although doing things differently would create a different future, and new issues would arise...
I would still take it.
Rewind to the hottest day of summer when we got to Wagga and played with The Bride, floated down the river please.
Maybe I should memorize a winning lottery number just incase I ever encounter such an opportunity.
Woah and you could like beat a famous artist and record one of their songs before they do.
I would probably take advantage of you all.

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juddLOCKS said...

^^^ check that link out, i find it hilariously intriguing.

best quote/source: "Witch- 15 years experience."

But seriously. I'm interested. I mean if Ouija board can work why not some sick spells?