Friday, November 6, 2009

Abbreviations 3000.

Our language is headed for extreme improvement in the time it takes to communicate.
2, 3, 4 and sometimes even 5 words crammed in one (usually 3) letter word.
Whether it looks foul or improper is up to you.
Here is an example.

-Omg ily lol. bij cbf gtg dts wbu?
-nb wmi brb
-btw soz gtgt hsc bbq 2mo @ qe2 w/ppl
-dfw 'bff'. cya.
- fyi ihy hxc 2ez.
- wtf

Translated into proper english.
-Oh my god I love you lol. But I just can't be fucked, got to go down the street. What about you?
- Not bad, wouldn't mind it, brb!
-By the way sorry I got to go to Higher school certificate barbeque tomorrow at QE2 with people.
- Don't fucking worry then... "best friend forever". See you later.
- For your information I hate you hardcore too easy.

Man one sms will be shortened from 160 Characters to 50.

Haha ignore my stupid teenage girl text conversation.
The best abbreviations are the ones you can pronounce, lol, ily. I was about to say "etc" but that might confuse you.

Fuck off Judd. Who the fuck writes a blog as shit as this?

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