Wednesday, November 4, 2009

De Ja Vu... De Ja Vu...

I find myself lifelessly staring at my blog, feeling dead and sorry for myself.
I even changed the background black for that hour.
Did I just rewind my life?
Would be nice.
Except I could skip doing exams all over, and a couple of other things.
Even uncomfortably indulged in an hour bath,
Hot water slowly trickling.
I need a bigger bath, i just want to allow water pick up my body and punch gravity in the face.
I didn't have enough energy to get out after i unplugged the tap...
So i just sat there in an empty bath, feeling the effects of gravity take place as my body got heavier and heavier.
You think it's insane to be focusing on one vocal chord and increasing the pitch for as long as your lungs can keep up?
Just waiting for that foam ball that turns to wood by the time it pounds on the inside of my head.

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