Saturday, November 28, 2009

The hour before sunrise...

The brims of the skies turn a mixture of blue's and green's, woven into a fading black.
I made myself a to-do list yesterday and wrote it up on my wall and gave myself a two week limit to do them all.
Did two today, eight to go.
Mark came over after work today and we chilled and went down town and stumbled upon Stefan, Maddi and Kate, we chilled some more, went back to mine, went back to albury to pick up Alex, went back home and chilled out major. Stefan and Mark left and Jordyn came. Alex and I had a music sesh, and she made me insecure about playing musical instruments because of how much she kills the piano.
I gave her my bio bible and we also decided we're the boy/girl version of each other.
Just dropped them back home.
It's 5am. Fuck that.
Tomorrow I have to travel frickin' three hours to Cootamundra all alone :(
Stay the night somewhere and wake up early to coach kids at swim meet and drive back.
So it might do me some good.
I'll take my guitar and finish all these songs I've started.
I doubt there will be internet so your welcome to text me.
I'm over my anti-cyber-rehab nonsense.
Silence just makes me over-think.
I want chest tattoo's badly, lots of colour, fantasy and meaning... help.
I've gotten so close to a heap of people lately it's been great...
but I just miss Madison :(

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Alex said...

flyleaf acoustic version:)