Monday, November 16, 2009


I'm embarrassed to call myself a human.
What a disgusting race of creatures.
Selfish, nasty people.
Treat one another like absolute shit,
and treat everything else around them like shit too.
We find it so hard to be nice, to put a smile on others faces.
It's way too easy for someone to humiliate and make one feel like killing themselves.
We're a species that can't handle change.
We're too lazy to adapt for everyones benefit.
Im seriously over everyone.
Im sick of sugar coating this world... my life.
In this state of mind these nasty people put me in...
Makes me not care for anything,
and this nastiness becomes fucking contagious.
I don't want to be a part of the disease.
Fuck anyone who ever purposely caused hell for someone, for their own entertainment.
Sadly, that is almost everyone, myself included.
I give up. You win.
I feel like shit. Happy?
But somehow deep down I know that you're the fucking worthless piece of shit... Not me.

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Gee. said...

im feeling that hey ):