Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This blog is dedicated not just to my friends but to everyone who's ever opened up my blog and read more than a couple of words. You keep me going and make me feel loved.
I can't do everyone I'm sorry!
Try guess which ones you.

1. This one is obvious, she means the world and more to me. Yours is short because otherwise I'd go on forever, plus you've heard it all before... If I'm not playing music in my head then I'm playing flashbacks of times together which mean so much to me. You mean so much to me. I love you with all my heart. You are my dream girl from perfect world. I am so lucky to have you. Cuddlebuds for life.

2. You always make me smile, seriously impossible to be unhappy around you... You are the nicest person on the planet and I hope you're forever in my life. You've been in my life since kinder, but we've never been so close, I'd say more, but you'll hear it in the song I wrote you when I record it. I love you.

3. Next up we have someone who I used to love dearly, and I still do, just not in the same way of course. We have been best friends since we started dating basically. Although towards the end was rough for both of us, we came out friends against huge odds. We know each other so well and I love how I can tell you and you tell me absolutely anything and everything. I hate but love fighting with you, but I'm gonna try stop altogether. You've moved on and so have I and I love what we have now, I think it's something we will have forever... just stop yelling so much. I love you. Not to mention you're seriously hilarious and if I had to choose someone to be my family it'd be you (not inbred way!).

4. This kid is incredible. He can do anything he sets his mind too, and do it better than you. Its a trait I really admire. He is always there when I need him, or when I don't. It's great. I can't believe we waited like 10 years to be friends when we've known each other all our lives. I hope we're always close by, or I'm in a band with you etc, I'd hate to think of having another guitarist. You seriously deserve the most amazing girlfriend and hopefully she comes soon! Girls! Line up! I fucking love you man.

5. You are the funniest person in the world. We've done so much for each other, I'll always be there to help you just like you are for me. Again, don't know why it took us 10 years to be friends, but you and I have always been close to best friends since the day of "Phlat-ball' up until now and further.
We've had some rough stages but its all in the past to be laughed at. You inspire me to grow a mustache every morning, thats how much I love you.

6. You are such a rad person. When I think back to when we went to school in year 8 I never would've guessed we could be such great friends. Too bad you left school! We were just getting intimate. But you're in my band now hehe and you always will be. Nah I hope so. I owe you $24 dollars and I'm so glad you don't charge interest. You're the nicest guy and I have some of the best memories doing stupid stuff with you. I'll never forget eastern view lookout night haha. I love you forever dude.

7. Next up is the man who was my brother for a good year. I fucking miss you dude, quit work and come live the life again! If this kid was a girl his vagina would be gaping. The kid who wanked and blew in mr bartons office! hahahaha i just started physically pissing myself. So many magic bullet ad's watched together whilst drinking our own magic bullet milkshakes. Family guy will always remind me of you and I. Man I wish you'd never left school, I had the best motherfucking time with you ever. So many personal jokes. Like millions, people thought we talked a foreign english, we were synced. So many times being chased. So many good memories. Harrietville stone rollers. Muha. It's funny because you hated me at first and we are very different people, but we've never once looked at our differences. Fucking never forget you. x

8. Never meant someone so weird. I love it. I've become so close to you in recent times and I really love spending time with you, you're a constant crack-up, but you have a beautiful depth about you and I love that. Not to mention you are Queen of the Spirits.

8/9/10/11. You four come in four most of the time so to save time and space I knew you would understand (except 8 was a special request). You are the nicest, most beautiful people I've ever been lucky enough to get to know and spend time with... if you ever want to be the "jivesome fivesome" I demand being mr. fifth! I love you all so much, a little too much I often have to tone it down. I brag about our friendship! I seriously do. Your group is so tight and I love it, so glad year 12 bought us together but I wish I had of realised no-one else at school was half as great as you in year 7. I have so many different levels of friendship with you lovely people, pure comedy, serious, deep the list goes on. I love you all and hope you love me too!

12. One last friend. I miss you everyday. You were my best friend and my worst influence. The best of times were had with you, I never thought they'd pack up and leave. I love you and thankyou so much for every you made me laugh, or run from someone, or pranked me. It's my dream to see you again, but it's my nightmare to think things might have changed, us as people, and we wont be so connected living on opposites sides of the world. Why did you have to go? :( Pom misses you too.

To everyone who I've recently became good friends with... My hxc friends from wang/yarra/beechworth/wodonga/albury etc I fucking love you all.
To my school friends... I fucking love you all.
To my web friends... lets meet!
Thankyou all for making a lasting impression in my life and making me a part of who I am today.

Actually... two more.

13. Couldn't have been given a better friend in the world to keep my company growing up. I loved you before I could even see you, and when I finally did I fussed over you.
The memories we have together are priceless, so many of them. Although we're not as close as what we were when we were younger, we're still always there for each other and have never not got along great.
Thanks for all the massages I constantly demand... you getting better too! haha I love you.

14. We're not the type of family who would say it, well I'm just too scared to for some stupid reason I'm only going to regret, but I love you more than anything. I always have and I always will. Thank you for doing everything for me, you've given me everything I could ever want and need, I can't even write this because I'm just in tears. You've given up your world for me and I hope I can one day repay you. I love you. I love you. I love you. :''""( I never want to lose you. You are my inspiration to life, you give it your all and you are actually hands down without a doubt the kindest person in the world. But stop giving your life to others and give a little to yourself. You deserve so much. Your outlook on everything is always so perfect. I love you and I could never thank you enough.


allystuart said...

Oh shit I cried all through that I like tysons teas Eddys and ryans man oh man

juddLOCKS said...

teas? OH! tra's.. gotya. :) thankyou ally. i cried through the whole thing too. it was terrible

M∆DISON† said...

I love you.

juddLOCKS said...


maddi b said...

judd youre so beautiful. eddys and ur mums got to me too. we love you toooooo!

allystuart said...

Yeah tra's seriously hers is the best and i agree with every single word .. she is amazing.. and i love her toooo tell her pleaseee.

Megan Yonson said...

oh wowwwwwww judd. stop being so great

juddLOCKS said...

haha thanks guys

ceri92 said...

we can be the jivesome fivesome 8)
i told jezza he would have to cut off his arm to join..but you dont have to.
and i loved your sisters and your mums, i cant say i love you to my fam either
must be an aries thing :)
wait to make you friendship blogs better than mine :|

elynor said...

juuuuudd:):):):) i love you! you are so so loving and that's the best quality to have. never change!

Dreamer said...

this is so sweet lol judd you little softy