Thursday, November 5, 2009

Next to Nothing.

So I've been thinking alot as to what I want to call my Solo-music "band".
I've got next to nothing.
Like I could use my plain old name, which ain't so plain but it just don't feel right.
Judd Ditchfield. Judd Ditch. JuddLOCKS haha.
But yeh I wanted to think of something that had that shine to it.
That was me and my music.
The only remote idea I've had is: 'Sky Low'.
For multiple reasons that I don't care to explain right now.
But after I get a list I'll make another poll.
Speaking of which... Thanks for all the cool cats who voted Judd being the coolest hahaha.


lorien said...

Im so confused about the poll.... it says 15 people voted for you, and 13 for madison, but then it says only 21 votes overall? OMG so confusing. Im sure theres like a really SIMPLE explanation and i probably just missed it, so dont explain ............ I dont like the name Sky Low, but its ur band and like its notlike any other band names out there make much sense anyways...... but make it a bit more catchy than sky low.. ahweels

juddLOCKS said...

will do :)thanks for your honest opinion :)

yeh wtf i never noticed that! it should be 29 not 21~!