Monday, November 9, 2009

This spider, is my father.

I faced my fear just then and upheld my vegetarian morals. (I'm a major pussy whimped bitch I know.)
Luckily i decided to stay up and watch TV for just that bit longer or I might've missed it.
Walked into my room and it shot across towards my bed. Note my beds on the ground so the thought of having spiders easily walking up onto my bed is sort of scary now I think of it.
Thought it was a mouse at first and froze.
Then realised and went got insect spray I sprayed some quickly from the direction of my bed as i didn't want it running under my bed, and saw that just the tiny bit of spray that might've hit must of been painful because it ran away from me so i stopped in my tracks. Thought of a new plan. Told spidey to stay while i went got a glad-box, came back and the poor thing was scared shitless of me. I felt sorry for it.
So after alot of time wasted preparing myself mentally I finally tried to trap him in my box (no pun).
He was so scared of me by now, miserably trying to run up the wall, then scurried out my door where I almost threw the box on him and trapped him.
Then got the lid tried to sneak it under, poor thing was having a heart attack.
Picking up the box however, I nearly had a heart attack. It went near my fingers, as though I was touching him, nearly dropped the blasted thing, oh and then Ruby scared the crap out of me because I was in scared mode, point is opened up the lid and just threw both as far as i could hoping to hell he didn't web strand me. I sort of wish I had of kept him as a pet, but his cage AINT MA CRIB!

(He's alot bigger in real life, crap photo)