Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm the type of guy

The odd testicle pop here and there i'm sorry, i just woke up as you can tell by my hair.
Cover of The Almost, Amazing Because it is. (Aaron Gillepsie)
Be much more amazing song if it weren't Christian but oh well :)

*I tried my best on the stupid high pitch bits haha its hard sitting down!
I made an Mp3 version of this and made each track levels of guitar and vocals a heap better... i MAY post it to www.myspace.com/juddlockz eventually.

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1 comment:

M∆DISON† said...

I love you :).
Lol at you laughing at your own voice breaks haha.

Btw get rid of the freaking music player on this page, it's so annoying haha.