Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Double trouble.

Man i just thought how awful it would be to go out with an identical twin.
Seriously, i'd accidentally cheat so many times haha.
Man that'd be insane.
Ok I'm gonna give you a sweet circumstance.
Imagine if you were going out with one twin.
But you just had this great connection-vibe with the other twin.
You find out she likes you, and secretly you like her too...
But you're with her twin sister.
One day you're at her house and go to the toilet and when you come out she's on the couch.
You sneak up behind her and start kissing her violently, not noticing she's wearing different clothes all of a sudden.
Then your girlfriend walks in and you're making out with her sister who doesn't even realize what's going on.
Man, the complications.
What if the other twin you secretly loved was your soulmate?
How much would the family enjoy it if you broke up with one to go out with the other.
It's morally wrong but it was meant to be?
Solution: Just convince them both they have to share you. OH imagine the sex.


elynor said...

your mind is a mysterious thing.
but not really mysterious because you put it all out there on paper.

juddLOCKS said...

haha i know its fucking weird. it thinks up random shit constantly.