Sunday, October 18, 2009

Impressions and Depressions.

I wish I could be so addictive, that there would be no need for nicotine.
Hatin' life.
Hmm. Might write a poem.
Here goes.

Once there was a man,
who was ugly as can be,
This man was so ugly,
He wished eyes could not see.
No-one liked poor Marlow,
they could not stand his sight.
So poor Marl was all alone,
Every day and every night.
Marlow became old, 
and sadder by the day.
Until he met a stranger,
that changed his very way.
This stranger wasn't frightened,
by his horrifying face.
For this stranger only wanted
a stick for him to chase.
So Marl bent down before the dog,
who gave a friendly lick,
and his smile was so wide
as he hurled the crooked stick.
To his surprise the dog came back,
the stick slobbered with pride.
And Marlow made a loyal friend,
who only looked inside.