Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Wall of Death.

Well actually it's kinda old but I re-recorded it. 
Expect a heap more in the next few days, my voice is back.
Here's the liz:

So over trying to fix this when you seem so sure, 
nothing ever will take us back to the time we adored.
Everything I do, just makes things worse.
I swear love it will turn around and not be such a curse.
Tell me when you're over this,
I can't remember what it's like to kiss,
the skin and lips, of perfection
when you stare in my direction,
i get shivers down my spine,
because your eyes are so divine,
girl you so damn fine,
And you know it
I had you all mine and there I go and blow it.
Tell me when you get over this,
I took a shot and it was such a miss,
Its so hard just to sit back and relax,
when you've got me clinging to the edge of my seat.
What will it take to mend? 
I never meant to offend.
Whats coming round the bend? 
Could this really be the end?
Girl I can't get over this,
We were always the happiest,
I just can't understand,
How we lost our wings
and came crashing to the ground.