Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chaos Theorem.

Tonight I went around to Ash's to give him his deck back... bought Hayden and Sam along, Jordyn met us at Ash's.
It turned out be the best night! We went to Safeway, then Maccas... waited about three hours at the counter.
They just ignored us! It was seriously retarded, and then Ash was a smartass to the guy and he was equally smart back but the worlds biggest loser, fook it was funny but!
We stayed at Maccas way too long, then we wentto the 727 Drome St Brothel.
We then ventured to the abandon mill warehouse and broke in and explored and smashed some stuff... it was scary fun.
Climbed up on this railway bridge and smashed these huge flasks we found in the mill.
Going back tomorrow to tax a big fish eye mirror.
We then hiked up the railway to Scots school, threw a nice rock in the pool and finally made our way back to the car.
Sam and Ash took some gross clothes out of the clothes bin.
Went back to Maccas to drop Jordyn at her car.
Ordered $9.95 worth of stuff but they wouldnt let us use eftpos so we "went to get money out", came back and said that the machine wasn't working so we'll have to cancel our order and he gave it to us free which was the plan all along haha and then ended the night there. Good times but!

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