Tuesday, March 23, 2010

St. Patricks Dead.

Is a day I really should hate, but had a sweltering good time!
A day numbskulls celebrate religion and alcohol... oh boy.
Anyway... My cousin Jess was down so Ash/SamW/SamH/Hayden and I took her out to get our green on.
Paddys was disgustingly filled so we went to Alex's house down A.m.p lane, it was sick!
Played with her nipple tassles, thanks Sam for the backing beat haha...

Then we went to roi but quickly left and went back to Paddys but minus Jess as she was hatin' haha.
Scorps gave us all GUINESS shirts! we ripped em up and repped em hxc.
I had headband, sweatbands and a shirt. Not bad.

Ended back at Roi and partied hard 'til a good five in the morning.
Next day was when I recorded Sam's demo...
Sorry I'm just catching up on some blogs ;)

P.s - I love Ashlea Stirling. She is so happygreatamazing :)

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ceri92 said...

the video.. oh god