Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Madison Tippett!

21/3/09 She finally turned 16.
We woke up that morning with Ash, Jaxon, Sam, Jimi, Edwina and my mum if you want to get teckerz.
Lazed around for too long.
Gave Madison her presents from me and my mum.
Had the cake that Edwina made and I had some vegan cake my mum made for us.
Went to Yackandandah with Madison and met Sam there... via getting noodles for about the 3rd time that week.
Sophie and Ely were at the folk fest in Yack... so were others like Grace and Juliet and Beci etc.
Chilled for a bit then took a nice sceneric way home to Wangaratta via Beechworth, listening to Madz sing frikkin "do your boobs hang low..." in every possible way and voice and tone possible!
Got back to Madisons and met Laura, witnessed Madi get a tonne more owl presents and then went out for dinner with the family.
Chilled for a bit after that and then Madison came said goodbye to me out in the car for a bit.
It was sad leaving her... you have no idea how freakin' cute she is.
Tippett... you make me smile like no other.
I'm forever yours.

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