Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sleepwalking a Horsey in Style.

So, last Friday we had a Horsey Extenda Gig.
Wess couldn't make it so we made Ash, who can't play and has never played bass before... play bass and learn it all within two hours of the gig.
Haha it was never going to be a tight gig... we hadn't practiced at all. But who cares. It's Horsey Extenda.
"What's a fret?!"

So first song opens. SMASH! Bass head straight through Sam's head. Bloooody hell!
The show must go on. Sam did well. However I felt sorry for anyone watching us haha.
After that Sleepwalker played amazing. I got Madison to Film them as she wasted Jaxons Camera battery on us Horsey Kids... So i'll have that uploaded soon, along with the Chelsea gig from the previous week, and the horsey gig from Maddi's 18th.

After that everyone came back to my house and partied... Only some of us in this photo though.
I'll get on Edwina's laptop and find the screen shot of what we were watching... lol.

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