Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why wait for the weekend to have fun?

Weekend Part III:
Had to go to Corowa for a relay swim meet.
Took Rory with me... as our club got him amoungst it, the other clubs were so pissed off about it too.
It was good fun, Rory and I haven't chilled in ages.
The day had 4 seasons in one. Ended up pouring down to the absolute shit.
Oh and I won my Trophy from Age Champ at O+M.
Later when I got back home Alex told me to come to Rhys Williams house as there was a rad gathering there.
Hayden, Sam, Spencer and I ended up playing this funny as hell game.
It was handball but whoever got out had to make up a dance move, and remember the previous dance moves.
We ended up with the funniest routine. Choreographers we are.
So we decided to hit Roi for an hour. It was hilarious! Ally and Ashlea were there too.
Went back to Rhys's after that and later dropped a few people home and then Spence and I ended up in my bed.
Had to wake up at 7am for about the 100th time this week to drop him at the station, should of seen us!
We got there in like 4 minutes somehow and got there just in time before the bus left.

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