Thursday, March 25, 2010

When everyday becomes a photoshoot.

Canon 40D (brought for $2300 selling for $500)
- lovely condition
- comes with batteries and everything else you need (manuals etc)
Tamron 11-18mm ( brought for $800 selling for $250)
- perfect condition
- Wide angle lense, pretty much all my photos have been taken with this.
- Includes Poloriszer filter and UV filter, worth $200 but free if you buy the lense
- so the whole setup is worth $1000 but you get it for $250
Sigma 18-200 lense (brought it for $700 selling for $150)
- barely been used but a bloody good lense
Canon Flash transmitter ST-E2 (brought for $400 selling for $100)
- this is a must have piece of equipment if you wanna start flash photography
if you buy all of the gear above, ill sell it to you for $850
SERIOUSLY CONSIDER this deal if you want to start photography. i can teach you all that i know if you buy some stuff off me. ill make sure you know how to work everything etc.
FEEL FREE TO BARGAIN, but be nice.
i have used this camera and lese setup in the photos on my website. ROWTAYLOR.COM
everything is in very good condition, nothing is wrong with anything.
this really is an amazing deal. just letting you know. 


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Jessie Britton said...

Damn you. I totally wanted to buy all that too!