Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Madisons Pre-B-Day

Saturday morning woke up with only Madison, SamW and Jimi left.
Not a bad effort... usually my house looks like a mine field in the morning, my mum didn't have to step over dead bodies haha.
We eventually made our way to Boost via Jaxons.
Picked up Jaxon/Alex/Ash and headed off.
*From here onwards it's a picture book*

Yep you can make a story out of that. 
We played vortex, made a campfire, failed to make a boat, Jimi and I walked through to the other side of the weir, you can sort of see us in the fourth photo back, overall it was a rad time, I hope Madison enjoyed it.
On the way home I let Ash drive, forgetting completely that he had been drinking and the fact he didn't have his license :s haha but when I realised I was like PULL OVER! haha shh it was all outback fun.
Alex had been almost eaten by Mozzies.
Got back and had an anti-mozzie-bath and vegan lasagna was more than a hit.
Josh Hab, Sam Wallace and Joel Billet came over.
We chilled and at one stage had a Ouija.
We got talking to Ashley's friend Yasmin, who had recently passed over.
It was weird but... I left and she called me back in to tell me I was bad.
Why was I bad?
What do you mean?
-In too deep. Stop.
What if I don't?
Who controls my death?
-They do.

That was a snippet of the conversation, it was kind of cool.
I didn't really do the Ouija apart from that, I was too busy with my now finally legal girlfriend.
Watched Gamer. Slept like logs.
Happy Birthnight Madison :) 

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Megan Yonson said...

omg juddd you have the worlds beestttt fun im super jealous illlyyy so much it's crazYYY!!! i hope you are at the cup so i can see u or something or if you go out saturday night i might even go to roi although i'd rather kill myself.