Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This was the weekend Madison came down for the shoots with Wade. The Friday night we went out to the weir with a heap of people and on the way home Madison was using Jaxon's camera flash to make it look like we were undercover cop's with speed cam's haha we watched everyone hit there brakes as we went past. When we got into Thurgoona I noticed a fire on the oval near the bowl. We floored into the dirt carpark fishtailing like motherfuckers to scare the shit through the 5 or so douchebag guys who were standing around the fire they just lit on a complete fire-ban day. When I stopped the car we jumped out screaming fake and funny threats at them as they piss-bolted away. We then went over to this neighbour who I already knew was a psycho and hated kids who hanged at the bowl, I admit to rocking his house for a reaction on several occasions haha, he came out and put it out/called police etc.
It spread dang fast but. Later when everyone was at my house the firetruck drove through my street and were looking for the culprits. Thought that was the Police's job?

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lorien said...

not being rude, just being observative, but do you believe in sterotypes? if so, what category would you place yourself under?