Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another track produced by J-Vac.

Yo Bitches and Gentleman :)
These past few days Jeremy has basically moved into my house, it's been great...
we made a new Chelsea idea/song which we then later put into Chelsea's newest song.
Speaking of Chelsea... Gig at Retro next Friday, please do come... it will be one of our last shows before you will see a major change in everything.
Biggest change being the style of music, if you come down you'll hear our "new direction song" which is part of the collaboration Jeremy and I made.
Speaking of Jeremy... haha, he's taken into making backing beats for Rap and such.
Not including xYOUxNITx... he's made another 3 these past few days.
This kid has some SERIOUS talent!
If any artist wants him to make a backing track for them just ask me or him.
Depending on the amount of effort put into it between $50-100.
Check out the one he made for Jaxon... I feature in there as Lionel Ritchie ;)
Speaking of Lionel Ritchie check this creepy as all hell film clip by him:

The music video for Lionel Richie's "Hello" directed by Bob Giraldi, attracts attention as it tells the story of a music teacher (played by Lionel Richie) who falls in love with his blind student.  



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elynor said...

kudos to the original beat made by J-Vac. go jezza. you wild thing.
i like the whole song in general.
i also like the "hello-ellooo" bit.