Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Skate like an Egyptian.

Went to Wangaratta on Saturday. Jaxon and I met up with Sam Wright/Mitchell and they were gonna hit the bowl while I went saw Madison. Before I'd even left I had Spencer screaming towards Jaxon and I.
Next thing I was ambulancing a tad too fast, Sam Wright to the Hospital. His wrist was how you say... Effed.
I waited with him until they kicked me out and after that apparently the Nitris Oxide got to him and he was rapping to himself and laughing hysterically, Straight Edge kids these days... ;)
There's more pictures on my facebook, including Xrays and stuff.


Beci-Kate said...

Owwwwieeeess, poor Sam!!!! D:
How awful, I had no idea that this happened!!
Hopefully he's not right handed? :S

Wilbus said...

holy jesus.