Saturday, February 19, 2011

Two weeks weight.

Have a good one Sim.
I did this like 3 years ago and it's still there and awkward on 
nights of aquaaerobics, so many whales.

Where's Jaxon?


No Sky-Diving.
I made a bed- it was like a hammock from a canteen wind barrier.
The other one was a table with foam thing for Mark.
This was while I was in Melbourne for Swimming state sprints.
The night after my epic night with Samuel (mentioned below)
I went to bendigo and had the cutest time with Saph for Valentines :)
There's probably better one's but Wade liked this one haha.
Mother Gandhi.
I got the fisheye lens for my iPhone4.
Hair coil at work.
... and then at home.
Porch has a tv in it now! haha and nintendo 64.
What I see at work on Thursdays.
"Backstage" buddies.
Le Grand.


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