Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Extended Play.

So this is my to do list.
My juddLOCKS EP is going to be super chill and slow paced, the mood on all the songs is fairly downer which is weird as I'm always so happy especially lately, but I like calming sad songs more than anything in the world so I'm over caring if you think I'm an emo haha.
I've made a start on all the songs, I just need to write lyrics mostly so hopefully I can get this done really soon.
We're also hoping we can finish the Disclosure EP within the next two weeks, again I need to write a shit load of lyrics, but have a slight idea, and yeah Trailer songs are all good to go, we just need to finish recording 3 songs, but we got lazy haha anyway! 
To all my listeners, get excited!
I'm working hard to give you three awesome EPs ;)


1. My Friend the Rain.
2. I'm a Zombie, You're a Ghost.
3. Fairylights and Fireworks.
4. The Lost Boys.
5. Sun Baked.
6. Awake and Dreaming.

The Trailer EP:

1. Together Alone.
2. Woah!
3. Fairylights.
4. Lies.
5. Spotlight.
6. Dance with Me.
7. Buried Alive.

Disclosure EP: 

1. Dreamcatchers.
2. Dousing Ashes in oil just to keep the fire lit.
3. Underwater Whispers.
4. Cotton Candles.
5. The Seekers.
6. The Ambient Moments.
7. Dreamcrashers.

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fuck yes
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