Sunday, January 23, 2011

In between the city.

The thing I love most about my new iPhone is the Camera.
Fuck my SLR I should sell it.
Such a good Thurs>Sunday!
 On the Train going over new 6billion dollar bridge.
 Still on the train.
 Open bigger to check out the number plate! FckThWrld!
 Solve the munchie promblem, sesh at maccas.
 Hard Life.
 This couch has had some serious wear.
 Samual J Mitchell.
<-- Smokings chill but! 
 Rockin' out in Sam's bathroom!
 This is the rooftop decking we watched next doors party from and then challenged! AND WON!
Cartrip to Anglesea. 
 Family Portrait. :) <3
 Wrong way Pom!
 The Climb!
 I got sand in my pants!
 Ripcurl as.
 Glockenspiel ribs.
 Rock of Love.
 Bear Grylls.
 Silhouette Sailin'
 I sort of enjoy the over 'exposion'.
 Slight change of edit. 
 Lonely Stoner Mrs Solo Dolo.
 Found and claimed this cute little bag.
 I made Edwina climb alot haha.
 I like this.
 Such an average photo, crossprocessed into this! 
 What can I say?
 It's a Kangaroo.
 Natures loungeroom.
 Too much. But I sort of like it.
 Funky Trunks are how I roll.
 The ol' McSlippsta.
 I promised I jumped!
 Thud Ditch.
 SquintSentch. We needed Sunnies!
 Down ramp.
 Ed Fronty.
Judd Fronty.


Anonymous said...

some of these photos look wayy too good and professional to be of iphone quality. so good and beautiful though.

Anonymous said...

What application (I'm presuming it's an app) do you use to edit your shots?