Saturday, January 15, 2011

Perfect Girl.

For starters, wouldn't want them taller than me, so lucky I'm tall.
There has to be a fair bit of physical attraction.
I love cute personalities, not bitchy girls.
Hate bitchy plastic girls.
Someone who is more affectionate than me.
I love a challenge.
If I think she's out of my league or thinks I'm a loser I seem to love trying to win them over.
A girl who is sexually nuts, in a non-slutty way...
So secretly sexually nuts.
Any colour hair, doesn't really bother me.
I have a thing for big eyes, any colour.
I love long hair, just so I can play with it/massage it without feeling like I'm doing it to a boy hahaha (I did like your hair madison I promise!)
A girl who is musically adorable, cute singing voice and can play an instrument... I think I would love that so much, write songs together and stuff :)
Be cool if she was an amazing artist or something too.
A girl with good style! I love style.
Good style, but doesn't obsess over what she looks like, doesn't give a fuck actually, but she always looks good.
A girl who's nice and lovely and not moody after the 6 months comfort period.
An independent girl who loves being with you but can cope fine without you.
A girl with good parents that don't scare me or make me feel uncomfortable, same with siblings.
A girl who is polite to my mum.
Someone who's mature, been through similar relationships as mine and has consciously learnt a lot about herself.
As shallow as it sounds, no fat chicks. I apologise but I just don't find overweight girls that attractive and the "fat person" mindset that usually makes them fat is off-putting to me.
A girl who is pessimistically realistic but always optimistic, probably doesn't make sense but that's how I would describe myself.
A girl who knows how to be a good sesh member.
A girl my friends love and don't mind hanging around.
A girl who loves my friends.
A vegetarian would be convenient.
A girl who would come to bed with her hot as hell friend and instigate a threesome.
A girl with a cool name.
A girl without a psycho ex.
A girl with a life purpose and no direction.
Directions bore me.
A girl who wants to have two children (in later years!), like the names I have in mind, and willing to raise the ultimate legends.
A girl who doesn't get bored easily and would rather have a sesh than go out to groove saint or some gay place.
A girl who loves me and makes me feel incredible.

I think you get the point.
I'm realistic though... I doubt anyone in the world would be my perfect girlfriend... but like I said, I'm optimistic enough to hope.

(This was a formspring response.)

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Larry said...

Atleast you know what your looking for :)