Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Conformist Ideology.

So today I went down the street on a lonely adventure, and booked an appointment on thursday afternoon to get my lip pierced. I figured i'd be in the mood, after finishing drama HSC, for something wild.
Then I strolled up to a hairdressers and said "Im looking at doing something radical colour-wise."
So yeah, we thought perhaps many chunks of black and Ice Blonde, as well as natural colour and possibly a purple chunk?
But it got me thinking... Now I'll probably get classed "Emo" or "Scary"
and I'm scared work wont like it.
Thats what frustrates me. Thats who I am.
Why should I have to respect people's opinions on what is "appropriate".
I am who I am.
Can't wait for the day when piercings and tattoos etc are accepted.
Or maybe... that's why we like them, because they aren't socially accepted entirely.
I think that plays a small role.
I should just say its part of my culture or religion :D
I'm almost positive my mum thought i was joking about the piercing,
she's gonna be pleasantly surprised come thursday night.

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chekmate said...

We're pretty lucky, Tattoos are fairly widely accepted these days, it seems to be hair colour that's the big thing, which is lame.

And as for mothers and piercings..tell her its fake and see how long it takes for her to realise it isn't..it took mine about 5 seconds, but it was definitely worth the look on her face