Monday, September 7, 2009

Laugh as much as you breathe.

A laugh is a smile that burst.
Laughter, and orgasms are humans only weapons of escape.
:) (*Watch "how to eat an oreo UK commercial... SO GOOD!)

My life has been busy as a mother!
Stupid HSC.
Just did my monologue at performance night. Woo. I'll post the video of it when i get it.
HAHA and (its about spiders) when i got home a huge spider effin crawled past me on my bed!
And also did my music performance trials.
Again i'll post a video when i get it :)
But yeh that day Madison bought me a Uke!
it was SO aweosme and trippy cool timing!
I had been playing haydens all day and then was thinking of buying one and BOOM!
I love you Madison! so much.
We had Freya's 18th.
I danced with her Nan.
She made me perform two songs lol...
so i used my Uke and played my newest and Happy by NSN.
Was fun.
Next night we drew Tattoo's all over eachother.
And Ash, Zack, and Maddi came over.
Had a cosy sleep beside Madison and Ash ;)
But yeh. there's a heap of things I need to blog about... scan pics, upload video's etc.
I'll get to it in the next few days so look out!
Oh! and in fathers day fashion we went and visited my dad. LOL.
Nah it was sort of cute. I think he liked Madison, a little too much haha. My G-ma too.
And he gave me heaps of odd things.

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ceri92 said...

HAHAHAH!! i know ive seen it but its funnier this time
im gonna go watch it on youtube :)