Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rap Schmap.

Wrote today; for a song I'm working on.
Still rough... A bit different; Feedback?

Wake up.
Struggle to find my way to the shower,
If i could have it my way I'd be there for an hour.
Dress up, in my prison-wear,
I'm late once again but I don't really care,
For this place or the people within,
Coz school just really ain't my thing,
I'd rather be running a muck out some place warm,
than trapped in these walls,
Watching everybody conform.

You think i don't have much of a life
in front of me.
Drop back to the pack is what you want me at,
and then you'd be happy coz I'm just like everyone else.

Fuck that!
I never wanna go back to school
and in two weeks time i won't ever have too.
Coz I'm to cool for school,
I don't have the disease
Where everyone falls down on their knees
to this unfair system of education
That completely killed all my motivation.
To put up with Jocks and Skanks,
Over-rated ranks.
To go to a University I'd hate.

You think i don't have much of a life
in front of me.
Just because i haven't made any solid plans,
and I scream for a hardcore band
it's something they don't quite understand,
but I don't mind because its just a part of who I am.
They think I'm crazy because i worry not just about me,
but all the wrongs in the world around me
that only i must see.
If it makes me happy just being me,
then why can't you all just let me be.

Go home.
Where I don't feel so alone.
Catch up with my friends who live just down the road
and do, whatever the hell we please
Half the time it's probably best no-one sees.
I love all of my friends,
even a few at school
that support my trends,
thanks guys you rule.
And to my fair-weathered friends,
that live to be wasted.
Trusting you is hard
When you've got two faces.

Break away from everything I used to hold so close.
Maybe as time has passed, I'll remember the good not the bad.
All the fun times that I had.
Because every time I tried you know I tried my best,
not just to please you but to please the rest,
but no matter how hard I try to be someone nice,
Everyone pairs their friendship with a price.
Is this because I'm just not cool enough?
Or hanging around me you won't look so tough,
I'm just a boy, skinny and tall.
Searching for some sense in this world, that's all.


elynor said...

yay I actually got to read it 8)
never though i'd see the day.
You are the new snoop dog, minus the dark skin, corn rolls and drugs.

I liked this rap alot. school's shit! amen to that

ceri92 said...

i like that :) i wonder who its about?
sounds like me i scream in a hardcore band..

maddi b said...

i saw you typing this in drama, i almost peeked but i decided to respect ur privacy and keep reppin caucasian chalkcircle. word. i love this by the way, its so you. and it makes me feel powerful to read it FUCK SCHOOL.

Brittany said...

I like this alot. :)