Friday, September 18, 2009

Im sick.

Stupid cold, nurofen's have kicked in though finally.
Just finished cutting my hair.
God it gets thick and long on the top,
i swear im always cutting it. 
Got it dyed the other day and i fucking hate it. 
So i've decided to NEVER go back to hairdressers again.
Also, that's my wall, thanks everyone who's added to it... 
Its blackboard paint.
Also got my lip pierced the other day, 
cant really see it in this photo but.


ceri92 said...

hows homie time judd?
read my little story that just happend 5 mins ago..
i posted a blog about it
i want to write something new on your wall my messgae was shit

Megan Yonson said...

juddd i really like the colour! u look good aZZ~!

lorien said...

LOL you remind meso much of my bro!! He has a blackboard paint wall aswell in his room....