Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hearts on Holidays

So in english today, i found some lyrics i wrote when Madison was in Queensland and mixed them into a song i had been sort of starting. Everything just clicked. Came home to play it... and thought i'd film it so id remember it, but thought it's probably reasonable to show you all the jist of it :)
Aren't "Vlogs" just the worst! Sorry im such a douche! :S Oh and this was 1st & only first take! 
>>>> Lyrics i've posted in "responses" aka comments :)
WARNING: Its super shit.

*** 1st line of chorus sounds heaps like that song by that dude on radio a while back with the uke *insert name* but that was a mistake... it's not how its meant to be sung. haha its just similar rhymes and too catchy, my bad.
Yeh so hope you enjoyed... i might reecord a crappy version tonight, if i do it'll be on www.myspace.com/juddlockz 

But yeh, i plan on recording a proper EP asap... and ive got all my song ideas planned out.
This one wasnt it the  EP plan but ah well... i can never write "happy" sounding songs so im glad i finally managed!
Much love from Judd :)


juddLOCKS said...

Feels like summer in the winter, but the grass is so much greener.
Reminds me its been too long since I've seen her,
Looking through my window.
I'm gonna go for a drive.

To the highest hill i can find, with my guitar.
The snow in the distance is oh so far
Away from you is killing me.
Why can't you be here with me?

I'm where no-one can hear the notes that I miss.
Where's there's no other feeling quite like this.
Singing my heart. Thinking of her.
Feeling so fine that you're all mine.

The Breeze through the trees, blows the leaves to the sea's,
I wish i could float away with these
idea's to fly away up north to come see you.
It is too obvious that I miss/need you?
The bee's and birds, Your excited words.
I don't believe it, I can't perceive it.
But when you get back back from your holiday.
Im gonna love you in every possible way.
(It's gonna be a beautiful day.)

I can see the stars far off in the distance
I find it hard to comprehend our existence
I must be dreaming because this planets too perfect
even for you and I.

I can't see myself anywhere else for a while.
I just wanna stick around and make you smile.
As the cold air licks my lungs,
I scream to myself its a beautiful day.

M∆DISON† said...

I fucking love you.
I am smiling so freaking much.
You are beyond perfect.

ceri92 said...

was this about me when i was in wales!?!?! 8)
im seriously joking (you can never tell)
I really like this though
i like it enough to want it on my ipod