Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thank goodness for Pepsi.

I haven't written here for a while simply because i've been too sick to do anything.
Went to the doctors because i had to get a consideration slip for my music hsc, 
turns out i may have glandular fever (a.k.a the kissing disease... so dont kiss me, or possibly madison because i just can't not kiss her :s sorry tippy ;)... Getting another blood test tomorrow :s)
Was pretty darn happy with my music performance anyway, cept it fookin hurt to scream and sing on the Chelsea song.
Went to Wangaratta later that day to go love wifey.
We both moaned in self-pity about how sick we were, went to a party, came home pretty soon feeling dang terrible.
Felt MEGA shit in the morning, body was aching but couldn't get up to get pills.
Wasn't a good morning at all.
We cheered up eventually and went to James's house to watch football grand final, then went to the gig.
It was metal as hell, in a bad make-up/cloaks/boots/black/long hair type of way. 
It was FREEZING. My toes were completely numb, i was being a douche and two-stepped a concrete corner, fucking hurt.
It numbed up due to the coldness just in time for me to go wild for Woody's band, portrait of disaster, who were fookin amazing, and then went to Madisons to warm up with Matt and Jaxon, then to maccas, then back to gig.
Dethroned were sick, as was the old-man-river that showed us the next generation of dancing.
Afterwards went to Cody's, i was feeling like crap and my face was bright red and burnt somehow.
I was grumpy. Skip to later.
Madison hopped into bed after consuming evil and as soon as she laid down she started twitching in her immediate sleep.
I was like righto, and was just talking to her/myself saying... where are you walking too silly? just bagging her out and then it got worse, and it occurred to me how fast she fell asleep, so i started trying to aggressively wake her up, didn't know what was going on, so i turned on the light getting a bit frantic by now, as she was unconscious and twitching all over and tried everything to wake her up, was sort of scared to run up to her parents room, looked for water to splash her face with or too drink but all i could find was pepsi, i wasn't going to splash her face with pepsi so, irrationally, I poured pepsi down her mouth, she started choking and sort of crying in her sleep, her heart rate was going wild and the she woke up hyper-ventilating and then started shrieking and crying in agony, so i scooped her up in my arms and started running her up to parents room but they must of heard her and met me halfway.
Poor bitch cried for two hours in the shit hospital waiting room.
What a dodge hospital. Asian Doctor had a sweet mustache though.
Didn't get any sleep until we both crashed in her bed.
Told my mum about it before and she was furious the hospital didn't even offer to give her an EEG, so got her to give madison the rundown on what to tell the local doc.
What a hectic weekend.
By the way, all Madison's headache's started after I thought it would be funny to scare her, and the clutz ended up jumping head back into my my door frame.
I'm sorry :(

So that's how my freakin-weeks been.