Thursday, November 25, 2010

Centuries in the Castle.

So yeah after my grandad's funeral service thing I went straight over to Xander's house to practise with the Melbourne based band I recently joined alongside Jeremy.
Jeremy and I went back and stayed at my grans and watched some Community with Edwina - and then the next day woke up way too late... went to westfield to get a lovely focassia and went back to Xander's for another practise...
Drove off to Dandenong to where the gig was at the Castle.
Considering it was our first gig, I just joined the band and had to learn and write a whole set of lyrics (half of which I just made up during the gig), and we were the ones to open the show- Also the lights in the crowd weren't turned off- tad awkz- and there was a strict no moshing policy which was a shame for 1. It's basically mosh as fuck haha and 2. They decided to allow moshing AFTER we played.
But yeah- went alright. I was more worried about HOW I should scream not WHAT I should scream as everyone's been wanting me to do different screams as I guess I'm rather diversified-
I think I'm just going to do what I want to do, when I want to do from now on- I had really good feedback though from so many people that night.
These two songs don't really show off any of my screams haha as for one of them- another vocalist recorded it- so I tried to keep people familiarised and the other one was the last song and I was a tad out of breath.
Verses. Forgot/cbf'd with a verse ironically haha
(Check out for recording, not my vocals though!)

Hollow Structure. I think I might've posted the lyrics a while ago.
Again- I was a tad outta breath and I swear we played this song way too fast haha.

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