Thursday, November 25, 2010


Anyway- Lovers Grave, Trainwreck, Of Whispers, and Vultures also played after us- damn good too- But Dream on Dreamer was defs the highlight for me.
After/during the gig met some bangin'/lovely girls and Jeremy and I ended up driving home that night- 
We got to Wandong Maccas and Jeremy tuned some girl who was lovin' his tats...
We ended up following them (badly) into Kilmore for her grad after-party.
Finally when we got back on the road again we hit something and this awful scraping/grinding sound began.
We pulled over- I feared there was gonna be a freakin' kanga rib stuck in the gearbox or some shit...
Ended up being the brake fluid cable ( I think ) disconnected and was scraping on the road...
Fixed it somehow- mind you we were in the middle of nowhere- no lights and 6am in the morning.
Finally got home and crashed only to wake up soon to head off to Sam Wal's 21st bus tour... To be continued ;)


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