Friday, November 26, 2010

The Trailer- Takin' it down a notch.

So yeah a while ago The Trailer had a gig at Retro but Hayden (lead guitars) was away-
So Jeremy and I decided to still do it, instead of him playing drums- he'd play piano- and Sam as usual would play bass and I would swap the electric for an acoustic...
Worked out really well, the vibe of the night was great and I had a fun time!
Also played a couple of my acoustic songs-
I forgot to record the first two songs which I'm damn bummed about as Jeremy made them sound so great with what he was doing on keys- Winter, and Buried Alive- Hopefully we'll do it again yeah ;)
I played this gig just after finding out about my grandad so I was a bit teary- especially during Bonnies song. My mum came and watched though :)



Together Alone:


Singing Why:

Ready to rock:

Lonely Bones:

Dance with me girl:

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